I recently engaged the services of PISG for a post-divorce matter involving my ex-husband. I found Max and Henry to be a valued resource in helping me on numerous fronts and would highly recommend their services to prospective clients.

From the beginning, I found Max and Henry to provide the perfect mix of professionalism and personal touch. They fully and actively listened to my story, asking pertinent questions, and developed a recommendation of action based on my specific situation and budget. They handled all issues with thoughtfulness, privacy and integrity. I had no doubt my case would be handled ethically, and that the information they provided would be truthful and legally obtained.

Throughout the investigative process, they provided me with updates and then a comprehensive oral summary (which I had requested) of their findings. They recommended another professional for a specific need I had, who was also top notch. Even upon the conclusion of their principal assignment, they continued to touch base with me and even provided new, additional information they felt could be of interest or use.

Unlike many professional services that tend to feel transactional – you pay X, you get Y and then you part ways – Max and Henry have made me feel like my matter was personal to them, and that they truly cared about my situation and the outcome. Given how stressful and upsetting this entire process as been, it has been comforting to feel this type care and concern from the PISG team. Even to this day, months and months after their services were retained and fulfilled, they check in to see how I’m doing, if they can be of any assistance, and if there has been a result in my matter.

Requiring the services of a private investigation company is hopefully not something a person would need often (or ever, if you’re lucky). But should that time arise, I would wholeheartedly recommend retaining the services of PISG.

Francine H.

[Private Investigation Services Group] were very thorough and responsive. We perform background checks on all potential employees, and PISG has always come through for us. They delve not only into police and court records, but also check social media and work histories as well. They will even verify the court and arrest records and make sure that the person we are looking at is indeed the person in these records. There have been instances of some people with the same name and birthdate have shown up and have needed further investigation. I would highly recommend them. They have been a great time saver for me.

Barbara E. Wotherspoon, M.D.

My husband and I needed to hire a nanny for our four young children. A wonderful girl contacted us through social media that lived in another state. She seemed perfect but it all seemed too easy. As parents it’s our responsibility to protect our children so we reached out to Private Investigation Services Group. I can not say enough nice things about this company. They explained all our options, the cost was extremely reasonable, and they truly cared about making sure our children were protected. When our report came back we felt very secure in hiring our nanny even though we had not met in person. She has been amazing! I can honestly say that I don’t think we would have hired her had we not felt so comfortable with all the information Private Investigation Services Group supplied to us. I highly recommend them!

 Dr. Kate Houpt

During the course of negotiations over the sale of a piece of the property on our HOA that was owned by a third party, we engaged Private Investigation Services Group to conduct a background check and acquisition business due diligence on the various parties involved with the proposed sale. As a result of the outstanding work and information produced by PISG, the HOA concluded that the proposed sale would not have been in our association’s best financial interest, and the sale was cancelled. We are very grateful for the professionalism and superb work product provided by PISG.

Wells Morrison,
Director of Security Homeowners Association • Beauford, SC

I have been using Private Investigation Services Group to provide our resort with background check information on potential long term renters for the past year. The entire process is accomplished through email and the gentlemen are very easy to work with and very accommodating. The amount of information that is provided to us far exceeds information from any other company our resort has used, and their rates are no more expensive than any of the other companies. Any time that I ask these men for a more extensive search, they have been quick in their response to attempt to provide me with whatever information I am looking for. I would recommend Private Investigation Services Group to anyone that might be conducting background checks or any other type of security services.

David Weatherwax,
Director of Security, Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort • Hilton Head Island, SC

We have used Max Fratoddi at Private Investigation Services Group to do background checks on potential employees and renters.  We have found them to be extremely professional, prompt and comprehensive in their reports.  We have found Mr. Fratoddi to be of high moral character and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend their organization.

Dr. Jeff Aita,
Family Chiropractic • Bluffton, SC