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Background Checks

Do you really know the person you are about to hire, or trust your family members, valuable personnel, property, or processes to?  Are you confident that they possess the knowledge, skills, abilities, and temperament to meet your requirements?

Background Investigations are conducted for many reasons:

  • Executive Screening
  • Pre-Employment
  • Family Personal Services:
    • Nanny
    • Bodyguard/Security
    • Relationship Verification
    • Sex Offender Registry
    • Locate Heirs
  • Employment
  • Housing/Property Interests
  • Regulatory
  • Business Due Diligence:
    • Board of Directors
    • Home Owners Associations
    • Shareholder Requirements
    • Credentials Verification

Background Investigations are governed by a number of federal and state agencies and regulatory laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These laws and guidelines are important to both users and consumers, and require knowledgeable and skilled investigators to conduct investigations, analyze the findings, and report in a manner that is legal, ethical, thorough, competent, and explanatory to both client and consumer. 

Competent Background Investigation can protect your business by identifying:

  • Criminal histories
    • Sex Offender Registry
  • Civil Litigation
  • Resume Fraud
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Corporate Espionage


My husband and I needed to hire a nanny for our four young children. A wonderful girl contacted us through social media that lived in another state. She seemed perfect but it all seemed too easy. As parents it's our responsibility to protect our children so we reached out to Private Investigation Services Group. I can not say enough nice things about this company. They explained all our options, the cost was extremely reasonable, and they truly cared about making sure our children were protected. When our report came back we felt very secure in hiring our nanny even though we had not met in person. She has been amazing! I can honestly say that I don't think we would have hired her had we not felt so comfortable with all the information Private Investigation Services Group supplied to us. I highly recommend them!
Dr. Kate Houpt
"[Private Investigation Services Group] were very thorough and responsive. We perform background checks on all potential employees, and PISG has always come through for us. They delve not only into police and court records, but also check social media and work histories as well. They will even verify the court and arrest records and make sure that the person we are looking at is indeed the person in these records. There have been instances of some people with the same name and birthdate have shown up and have needed further investigation. I would highly recommend them. They have been a great time saver for me."
Barbara E. Wotherspoon, M.D.

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