Licensed, bonded, and insured, Private Investigation Services Group (PISG) has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of civil and criminal investigations.  We understand their similarities and differences based on law, regulatory requirements, and professional standards, and employ investigative best practices, technology, and common sense to meet investigative requirements.

While we have a high degree of confidence in our ability to achieve our client’s goals, we won’t promote unrealistic expectations or the use of ethically challenged techniques for the sake of winning a potential clients confidence.  Our investigative results are legally defensible, and can play a critical role in any civil or criminal proceeding.   

Should there be a need for regional, national, or international assets to support a client investigation, PISG can engage a unique global network to assist.  This includes an impressive pool of retired FBI Special Agents, FBI National Academy graduates, and law enforcement, security, and intelligence professionals.   

The Process

We start with a free consultation with the prospective client. This consultation is designed to achieve three critical objectives: 1) identify the client’s expectations or desired outcomes, 2) assess our ability and willingness to meet those expectations, and 3) provide a good faith estimate of costs based on the information provided.

Professional Associations

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