FBI warns college students to avoid employment scams

This warning from the FBI regarding phony job opportunities identifies one of the many challenges a new college graduate faces. Never be taken in by persons or companies requesting “up front,” administrative, or other various fees prior to being selected for a job. In those instances where you may not find any suspicious activity that should be reported to the FBI, but are concerned regarding the true credentials of the the employer or recruiter, Private Investigation Services Group stands ready to conduct a background check on that party. We can quickly and discretely confirm their credentials as a legitimate and legal employer or recruiter.   


FBI officials are warning college students across the country to be wary of “phony job opportunities,” according to a statement released Wednesday.

Officials said the scams are often conducted through false postings on college employment websites and recruitment emails sent to school accounts.

Once the job is accepted, officials said the student is asked to send funds to another individual or entity which is posing as a vendor who sells supposedly necessary equipment, materials or software for the job. In return, the student is sent a counterfeit check to make up for the cost of the purchase.

To avoid being effected by the scam, officials recommend the following:
Never accept a job that requires depositing checks into your account or wiring portions to other individuals or accounts.

Many of the scammers who send these messages are not native English speakers. Look for poor use of the English language in e-mails such as incorrect grammar, capitalization, and tenses.

Forward suspicious e-mails to the college’s IT personnel and report to the FBI. Tell your friends to be on the lookout for the scam.

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